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Adrien CADET

Software Engineer

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Hi there! My name is Adrien and I am 23. I am a software engineer in the SF Bay Area.

About me? I have liked programming since I turned 15. I am mostly building mobile applications now, but I develop web applications every so often. You can consider me as a full-stack engineer but I see myself more as a "curious" guy.

I like working with designers and developers. Actually, I think an outstanding app should combine a clever UX/UI design and a solid architecture. I fully commit into projects.

What else? I am a music lover, a beer buff, I like traveling, playing any team sport or doing some hiking.

Feel free to browse my recent work and a review of my skills. Wanna get in touch with me? Go ahead!

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Here are my skills. Visit my website with a desktop to have a surprise ;)